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Please be mindful a place on our waitlist list does not guarantee a position at the service until we get in touch with you to confirm an enrolment position has opened.

What to

The weeks before starting with us:
Emotional and practical preparation.

It’s a good idea to start preparing several weeks before your child’s first day at child care.

Getting familiar with the service
Get in touch with us before your child’s confirmed enrolment date to organise a play date. This will allow your little one to become familiar with the educators and the environment. It also helps the parents to feel more confident in leaving their child on their first day when they see the child is settled on the orientation.

Getting used to the routine
Get in touch with us to understand your child’s room routine. Our aim Is to keep the routine as consistent as your home routine to ensure there is minimal disruptions to the home routine. This allows for a seamless and smooth transition where everyone is happy!

Getting familiar with educators
In the weeks before starting, we will inform you about your child’s educators so you can start familiarising your little one with their educators name and face. This will help with your child’s settling in process as they would already be familiar with the educators faces and names before commencing.

Reading or telling stories
Books and stories about starting child care or making new friends can be a safe way for your child to explore strong emotions and understand new events. It’s good to include all the feelings your child might go through – for example, happiness, enjoyment, friendship, sadness, anxiety, apprehension and tiredness.

And talking positively with your child about the new environment, friends, educators and activities will help both you and your child feel positive too.

The night before starting child care:
Practical tips.

If you get practical things organised the night before, it can help you avoid a last-minute rush in the morning. This can take the stress out of the first few days and weeks at child care. Throughout the enrolment process, you will receive an Information Pack which will include all the items to pack In your child’s school bag.

Here are some tips for the night before starting child care:

  • Try to ensure your child eats a healthy and filling dinner.
  • Get your child into bed in enough time for a good night’s sleep. If your child doesn’t sleep well, this might affect their experience the next day, so let your child’s educators know.
  • Check that all the things your child is taking to child care are clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Pack all the things your child needs, including a dishwasher safe water bottle, bottles, formula and spare clothes.
  • Pack special comfort items if these are used at home including cuddly toys, blankets or books, or a family picture.