A safe place away from home sparking children’s curiosity as they make childhood memories whilst connecting with nature.

About Us

McGraths Hill Learning Centre was established in 2004, and remains a family owned and operated business. We aim to provide high quality care and education servicing the Hawkesbury. The Centre is situated on a beautiful quiet 5-acre property with farm animals. The centre is run by 4 sisters who all hold their Bachelor of Teaching from Macquarie University.

At McGraths Hill Learning Centre, we believe that childhood is a fundamental stage of a person’s life to be valued and enjoyed. This is a crucial time where foundations are laid for future growth. We believe that Play shapes the architecture of the brain in unique ways, it links social, creative and cognitive skills. We aim to provide a service that is warm, inviting and welcoming to all children and their families.


Our rich learning environments explore being in many meaningful contexts. Providing children with the tools and sense of agency to make meaning of the world and share individual perspectives, shaping their identity and building relationships with others. Allowing children to be within the here and now instead of preparing for the future.


Belonging refers to the process of understanding children’s sociocultural context, exploring and empowering diverse families, local and global communities, and cultures. Allowing children to develop trusting relationships while acknowledging and exploring their interdependence.


Our close community and interconnected relationships with the families is consistently working towards understanding children’s ever-developing identities, knowledge, skills, capabilities, and relationships. We are committed to developing the best possible understanding of children’s sociocultural contexts to support them during a time of rapid development and growth.


We provide care and education to children as little as 6 weeks old – 5 years old. Get in touch with us today to book a tour and join our waitlist.


Both my sons were enrolled at McGraths Hill Learning Centre from age one through until school age and I would not have changed a thing for the world! The children adore the teachers, the ‘learn through play’ and outdoor time was amazing meant my children were disappointed on days they did not have school.
The entire staff are motivated to teach and care for the children to the highest level and the school readiness program set them up for the best possible start to their formal school years.
The food served is amazing! Fresh, hot varied menus cooked on site meant I always knew my children were being well fed and had at least a couple of serves of vegetables throughout the day.
Over 7 years I have grown to see the staff as much as friends than carers and I think most of the tears I shed was for the fact that this part of my life had come to an end, not just for my sons.

Thank you to MGHLC for treating my children as family and nurturing them and helping them to grow into strong, confident young men who are ready for whatever the world throws at them!


Sherilyn Lewry
Thank you McGraths Hill Leaning Centre for always taking
care of my boys. They love being there with their friends


– Erin S

My son started with McGraths Hill Learning Centre when he was 9 months old. All the staff were so accommodating of my wishes for his care. They took time to understand his routine, what he enjoys doing and skills he still needed to learn. I was kept informed of his daily activities, including sleeping and eating, and we shared mutual joy for important milestones in his life. I loved that he had access to such a beautiful outdoor space, where so many happy memories were created. I watched my son grow in confidence, and I’m certain his time at MGHLC is why he is now a confident school boy.

MGHLC is a very caring and nurturing environment, for children (and reassuringly, for their parents!). I didn’t hesitate to enrol my daughter, and already I can see the positive influence the staff have made with her. I love that she doesn’t hesitate to run inside at drop off time. I’m so appreciative of the extra level of care attention my children receive. Thank you for the important contribution you have made to my children and my family.



McGraths Hill Learning Centre is so much more than just a learning centre. It is a family. It is place I have felt completely comfortable to leave my kids while I go to work knowing that they will be looked after by warm and nurturing educators. Always being included in my child’s learning and setting goals for them at the beginning of the year. They have not only met but exceeded my expectations. We are so happy to be a part of the McGraths Hill Learning Centre family.



I have entrusted McGraths Hill Learning Centre with my two greatest possessions, my son’s.
The centre has always been a reliable and caring place for my boys to attend. They listen to my sons needs and follow our routines at home to provide consistency. The teachers have created a second home for them to attend. My boys feel comfortable at the centre as at the teachers’ core, is love and nurturing.
The centres massive backyard is their favourite place to play, the sandpit is the place to be! Over the fence there are animals like sheep, alpaca’s and cows to watch and the kids also get to collect eggs from the chickens. I feel the kids learn so much about the world in which they live at the Centre.
I’m so happy I have found a place like McGraths Hill Learning Centre we couldn’t be happier!


Kym S

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is underpinned by play-based learning. Play-based learning is how children under the age of five learn while having fun at the same time, and this program promotes a combination of outcomes and skills that will set your child up for a successful transition to their new school setting.

With an equal focus on fostering physical, cognitive, and emotional development, children are guided by our expert educators to give them an understanding of the skills required for life, through play-based experiences.

Our Rooms

Our centre is purpose built providing a safe welcoming space for all the different age groups. We have 5 rooms across the centre catering for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. Click below to find out more information about the breakdown of the rooms.